“I’m bad at writing stories, so instead I’m shooting them.”


I must admit that I’m really bad at writing texts. Clichés are something we all want to avoid.
But it’s a small effort to give it a try, so here we go:

Born in Antwerpen(Belgium) on 13th of March 1983, I was given the name ‘’Neil’’.

For several years now I have been making photographs.
It started with nightlife photography,
but I quickly began shooting concerts for online magazines and after that I worked for three years as a wedding photographer.
But it’s only since 2015 that I really started creating images.

While I was writing this ‘About’-page I found a blog suggesting that I should convince the visitors of my website on “Why I am unique”.
I’m convinced that, as a person, I’m just as unique as everyone else.
However, regarding my photographs, I strive to make those on-of-a-kind images, having one golden rule: always start from my own interest and imagination.

I can only thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy the images we create.

And remember, sharing is caring.