This book is a representation of my work as a large format analogue photographer over the past two years. Within this period, I made a great number of portraits of girls at peculiar locations. The girls are still kids, automatically generating expectations of a joyful and playful subject, at least for a little while still. However, in my pictures, they are both motion- and emotionless. Although often well-dressed in elegant and particularly colorful outfits, they show an apathy and disconnect from their environment. They just don’t fit in, seemingly indifferent to time and space.


To capture the girls in this specific way, I used a large format analogue camera. It forced me to slow down and take time. Take time to not only create the image but also develop it myself afterwards. To slow down the girl in front of my camera and inspire her to pose as passive and static as possible. Using a large format camera also made me more attuned to the scenery of each shoot. It allowed me to focus on particular elements in the background and fully integrate the environment/locations within the imagery. 


The result is this collection of portraits of wonderful girls. Try to step into their world and remember the time you were just a kid. Happy or not.


This book is a compilation of around 70 portraits. Each book is numbered and signed by me and it is a limited to 150 books.



Happy Kids - The Book

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